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You like to ride real long distances?

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We have a set of brevets for you. Starting with 100 km up to 1.000 km.



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Lombok Audax Events - Riding in Paradise

Lake Toba Audax

Our Next Event: Toba Audax


We are ready for Toba Audax 23 -  27 October 2014. Last week, we checked the track and I am so impressed, because the scenery made my heart beat faster.
Fantastic scenery, breathtaking views over Lake Toba. Climbs you will never forget ;-)  A landscape so different is what I know in Indonesia I felt sometimes like I was in Europe in the Alps.
The landscape in Lombok, Sumbawa is already so wonderful. The Trip to Lake Toba is different, not comparable with NTB, but equally impressive. It is a real highlight. I am impressed and proud to be able to offer the Toba Audax.
I would like to express special thanks to Hendra Sammy. Without his help, the trip would not be possible. It is his track and he is pleased as well as I, to be able to share this route with many cyclists. Thanks also to the team of MG2 who support us also. Thank you so much.
However there is a Downer, for the time we have hotel rooms for only 100 participants.
The registration will open on 15 July. A preregistration is possible.

More Information about Toba Audax you will get here



The 1.000 km planned for September 2014



We move the event to March/April 2015

We will ride 1.000 km in Sumbawa





Congratulations Alberto!
Alberto Boz won the Masters B category of JIExpo Criterium in Jakarta on 26 of January 2014.
Alberto will join Lombok Audax 400 km in the fast group.

Alberto Boz won the JIEXPO Criterium in Jakarte in the category Master B



Training for the 400 km Event in Sentul City together with SEWOG

Trtaining in Sentul City together with SEWOG

Trtaining in Sentul City together with SEWOG

Jawa Pos Advertise

Jawa Pos Advertise - Lombok Audax 400 km - 1 day

Jawa Pos Advertis 400 km - 1 dayJawa Pos advertis - Lombok Audax 400 km 1 day


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Video Audax Sumbawa Barat 650 km - September 2013


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440 km riding, 7.000 m climbing
23 - 27 October 2014
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